Industry 4.0 Welcomes a New Generation of Distribution Center Technology

The 2017 Supply Chain Strategies special report from UK-based daily newspaper The Times features Apex Supply Chain Technologies point of view on automated dispensing systems in warehouses, distribution centers and other logistics facilities. Published for The Times by Raconteur, “Industry 4.0 Welcomes a New Generation of Distribution Centre Technology,” notes that handheld scanners are a… Read More

Assembly Fasteners, Inc. Builds Business with the ACTYLUS Smart Bin System

Our ACTYLUS™ Smart Bins are generating a lot of attention with distributors as a way automate vendor managed inventory programs and expand their business. In a recent webinar with Industrial Distribution, Apex customer Assembly Fasteners, Inc. (AFI) walked through the specifics of how ACTYLUS Smart Bins help them increase their business with existing customers, differentiate themselves… Read More

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Order Pick-Up Peril: Restaurants, Foodservice Need to Consider “Last 10 Inches” of Customer Experience

Starbucks understands a focus on the last 10 feet is critical to increasing throughput and same store sales. In a recent interview with CNBC, Starbucks incoming CEO, Kevin Johnson, talked about how they’re using technology and digital innovation to end lines and improve the customer experience. The seemingly ubiquitous coffee brand‘s approach may be innovative, but their effort is no surprise. It’s addressing one… Read More

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INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Warning Signs of Asset MISmanagement

Handheld devices, like scanners and other electronics, have a tough life in the supply chain. Every company manages these assets differently, if at all. And we’ve heard all kinds of #TrueStories about how these well-intended programs have a tough time tracking everything. You wouldn’t believe some of the places these valuable devices turn up. We… Read More

3 Lessons Retail Can Learn from Snapchat

Snapchat recently announced it will sell Spectacles, its first “hardware product,” via vending machines. This news is raising more than a few, uh, eyebrows. Spectacles are sunglasses armed with a camera and bluetooth that allow consumers to more easily capture and post content to a mobile app that’s grown quickly to become one of the top 10 most popular in… Read More

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Munters: A Global OEM Improves Inventory Replenishment with ACTYLUS Smart Bins

Munters is a global manufacturer of air treatment and climate control solutions. As an industry leader, the company relies on continuous improvement programs to eliminate waste and improve productivity throughout its operations. “There’s Always a Better Way” When one of its manufacturing plants realized it was spending 728 manual labor hours annually scanning and entering… Read More

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The 2016 NIFMSE Fastener Show Report

This was our first year at the NIFMSE show which had record attendance from an international audience. To make a good impression with the industrial fastener industry, we unveiled the ACTYLUS™ 8100/8200, the newest automated inventory replenishment system from Apex Supply Chain TechnologiesÂŽ. New ACTYLUS Wins Fastener News Desk Award Attendees were impressed. In fact, we’re humbled… Read More