3 Keys to Innovation at Apex

By Ben Savage

Welcome to the first post on the Apex Supply Chain Innovation Blog.

My name is Ben Savage and I’m responsible for leading innovation and advanced technology at Apex.

In this first post I’m going to give you a little insight into how my team thinks.

I tell people that we approach product development with an attitude that’s 40% entrepreneur, 40% Mythbuster, and 20% Freakonomics. Let me explain.

40% Entrepreneur

When I say we have an entrepreneur’s attitude, I mean that we’re always looking for new business opportunities and ways to create value for Apex and our customers.

40% Mythbuster

Have you ever watched MythBusters? I consider them heroes. They’re great about showing scientific method and developing quick and simple solutions. The MythBusters and entrepreneurs have a commonality in that they’re always looking at the world and asking if there is a better way to solve a problem. We love that. They also acknowledge a key thing when doing new things: “Failure is always an option.” Quitting is not though!

20% Freakonomics

The Freakonomics part comes in because, like the authors of Freakonomics, we spend a lot of time observing human behavior and thinking about how we can encourage or use technology to push them to behave in more efficient ways.

To sum it up, our team is driven by a combination of competitiveness and curiosity, as well an understanding of what makes people tick. It’s a mix that keeps things interesting around here, and makes it fun to come to work every day.