We’ve been game-changers since the beginning. It all started more than three decades ago, when founder Kent Savage began a series of groundbreaking inventions in automated dispensing that still are in use today. In 1991, following a long and successful career in the traditional vending industry, he first introduced the concept of industrial vending. He began Apex in 2006 to bring robust, revolutionary point-of-work automation systems and cloud-based, Connect n’ Go Technology to the market.

Fast-forward a few years, and you’ll see our automated dispensing systems spanning the globe. Our insight-driven solutions power diverse industries: transportation & fleet, healthcare/EMS, asset management and more.

Today, Apex customers and partners range from small, independent companies to the ranks of global manufacturing giants – GE, Procter & Gamble, 3M – innovative distribution organizations – Fastenal, Amazon – and countless service providers, institutions and other forward-thinking organizations. More than 17,000 organizations have deployed Apex systems. Hundreds have deployed them at five or more sites – many with 100 or more devices.

So far we deployed more than 85,000 devices in more than 44 countries on six continents. And we’re just getting started.

Mason Ohio automated point of use dispensing vending lockers