Apex MegaStore 9000 Stops Retail Shrink, Keeps High-Value Merchandise Safe & Secure

IoT Technology Tracks Merchandise In Real-Time And Is On Display At NRF In Booth 853

Apex MegaStore 9000 for retail

NEW YORK, January 17, 2017 — The MegaStore 9000 automated, secure cabinet system from Apex Supply Chain Technologies® gives retailers unprecedented control over high-value merchandise, creating employee accountability and reducing shrink.

Designed for use in grocery, convenience stores. electronics and mobile device retailers, the MegaStore 9000 is on display in booth 853 at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF’s) annual convention and expo, in New York City through January 17, 2017.

A 2016 NRF study shows retailers’ inventory shrink has increased to an average 1.38 percent of sales, costing retailers $45.2 billion in lost revenue. Part of the issue is how high-value merchandise is typically stored – on shelves in storerooms or in locked closets, available to anyone with a key. This offers little control over which employees have access. With no visibility between shipments, high-value merchandise tends to disappear, taking store revenue with it.

Gain Real-Time Visibility of High-Value Merchandise
The MegaStore 9000 is an Internet of Things (IoT) device, using an array of sensors to track merchandise quantities in real-time. Apex SmarterSpaces® technology ensures only authorized employees can access the secure cabinet and the Apex Trajectory Cloud™ platform records every action to create reports on how much merchandise was taken, when and by whom. These reports inform future orders and alerts can be sent to store managers automatically when it’s time to reorder.

“Retailers gain unprecedented control and store-level visibility over high-value merchandise using MegaStore,” said Kent Savage, Apex Supply Chain Technologies founder and CEO. “The problem of shrink looms large over every sector of retail, but consider just two categories: grocery stores and mobile device retailers. The amount of loss across cigarettes, razors and similar high-value products is staggering. Add in small electronics like prepaid phones, iPads and wireless headphones and the lost revenue climbs even higher. Their current inventory systems are inadequate and ineffective.”

The MegaStore 9000’s design brings several benefits to retailers, regardless of their size:

  • Intelligent Inventory Tracking: No RFID tags are required as SmarterSpaces technology automatically counts items as they are removed or restocked, eliminating the manual labor and cost of RFID;
  • Compact Footprint: MegaStore can be set up near the point of sale, ensuring customers won’t have long to wait for their purchase;
  • Pinpoint Usage & Increase Accountability: Sensors pinpoint device usage and report every detail, creating employee accountability;
  • Flexible Configuration: Each MegaStore cabinet can be customized to accommodate most any merchandise;
  • Easy, Controlled Access: Authorized employees can open the cabinet in seconds;
  • Supports Wide Range of ID: Retailers can use barcode, magnetic stripe proximity card or keypad entry to access MegaStore.

An Easy-to-Implement Loss Prevention Device
All MegaStore devices are powered by Apex Connect n’ Go™ Technology. Retailers just plug the device into a power supply, connect to the Internet and it’s ready to go. Trajectory Cloud easily integrates into ERP and POS systems to allow retailers across the enterprise to view store level inventory in real-time as well as track patterns and trends.

To learn more about the MegaStore secure, sensor-based cabinet system, visit //www.apexsupplychain.com/feature/megastore. To follow our coverage of Retail’s BIG Show, look for #nrf17 across our Twitter and LinkedIn feeds.

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