Reduce Supply Costs Up to 30% – And Never Run Out

A shocking 25 to 50% of all supplies, parts and materials are wasted through loss, misuse and hoarding. So to keep supplies in stock, you order extra, weighing down your storeroom and cutting into your cash flow. It’s a huge problem, costing you a huge chunk of money.

Take control. Make sure your team has the right supplies, at the right place and the right time with Apex Automated Dispensing Solutions.

Get control and reduce costs up to 30%
Whether you want to manage high-cost items one at a time, or need to ensure a free, unlimited supply for production, Apex Vending solutions offer the right level of control, point-of-use productivity, and cloud-based visibility. And with automated reordering alerts, you can stop worrying about expensive stock-outs and rush deliveries.

Real-time visibility, reporting and analytics
Our Trajectory Cloud™ platform is what makes it possible. It consolidates all your data from every transaction to reveal valuable information and insights to help you understand supply usage trends, reduce waste, spot unusual activity, even optimize your inventory and operations.

Discover how easy Lean supply management can be with Apex.