Reduce waste, improve productivity and protect your assets 24/7.

automated click and collect vending for retailersYou’ve invested in specialist tool sets, calibrated and certified tools, gauges, equipment and instruments. But all too often, you face critical challenges in tracking and managing these valuable assets – which hurts productivity and profitability.

Get control of essential equipment, tools, parts and calibrated instruments with Apex Asset Management Solutions. They keep critical shared assets where they’re needed– and ready to work.

  • Always know who checked-out each item and when it’s due back
  • Increase accountability to reduce damage and loss
  • Keep tools, electronics, diagnostic devices and instruments at strategic locations to save steps and increase productivity
  • Reduce repair and replacement costs
  • Receive alerts for scheduled maintenance, service, calibration, aging assets and more

Real-time data visibility, reporting and analytics
What really sets Apex Asset Management Solutions apart is data. Every Apex device is powered by Trajectory Cloud™, a comprehensive data platform that gives you access to valuable information that can help you understand your customers, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and optimize your inventory and operations.