You need lower costs. They want faster service. Here’s how everybody wins.

With Apex Self-Serve Solutions, IT services become smarter and easier for your team, while employees get the fast service they need. They minimize the busy work that eats up hours every day, so everyone can focus on what they came there to do.

  • Give employees no-wait response times
  • Increase control and accountability
  • Speed SLA response times
  • Integrates with your ITSM system

Supplies practically manage themselves
With Apex Solutions for Peripherals Management, you can give employees self-serve access to the supplies they need – no help desk ticket needed. That eliminates all those inefficient one-off approvals and keeps your help desk team focused on higher value tasks. What could be easier?

No-wait equipment management
Give employees convenient, self-serve access to loaner laptops, mobile devices, new employee kits and more, and get your help desk team out from under a mountain of tickets. Apex Equipment Solutions streamline IT services and remote location management, with no waiting and no one-off approvals – and that keeps everyone happy and productive.

Get smarter answers, right now
Empower your team with up-to-the-minute information and reporting so they can make informed decisions and improve every corner of your operation. Trajectory Cloud™ gives you 24/7 control and real-time accountability for devices, equipment and peripherals to reduce inefficiency, waste and loss.