Improve efficiency

When stylists run out of product, they can’t serve their customers. Managing professional hair care supplies and equipment can be challenging. Take control, dramatically reduce waste and ensure they have just what they need for every appointment. By helping them stay organized with products and supplies conveniently located in the salon, they’ll see more customers each day. That’s good news for them – and for your business.

Enhance the customer experience

When your stylists have all of the supplies they need, they can also provide better service to their customers, they can accept more appointments, and your business thrives. Happy customers are repeat customers, and word-of-mouth is the best way to get new customers. With Apex automated dispensing solutions, you will always have the supplies and materials available when they’re needed.

Breakthrough technology

Managing supplies with an automated self-service supply system from Apex allows you to provide 24/7 availability for a wide range of professional hair care supplies, materials and equipment. Real-time reporting from Trajectory CloudTM provides you insight into what’s being used and who is using it. Best of all, Apex solutions automate inventory management and reordering, so you don’t have to do it anymore. You can even explore new business opportunities with your suppliers to create an efficient, automated replenishment system.