automated click and collect vending for retailers

Making Real-Time Retail a Reality

Today’s “real-time retail” means a lot of flexibility for your customers, but all kinds of headaches for you.

You need to give customers a consistent, seamless omni-channel experience across brick-and-mortar, e-commerce and social, mobile and kiosks. You work even harder to get a single, clear picture of your customers’ likes, dislikes, history and habits. And you need to build more speed and flexibility into your logistics to quickly fill orders in all those new shopping channels.

Apex automated dispensing solutions make it easy to thrive in real-time retail:

  • Our AnyWhere Solutions extend your channels to create a convenient self-serve store for time-crunched customers.
  • Trajectory Cloud gives you a powerful, unified transaction platform that integrates with ERP, loyalty and other platforms to deliver personalized experiences at every step and predict where customers are headed next.
  • Our Asset Management solution for DC and POS handheld devices and electronics gives you point-of-use control and productivity, better organization and less waste.