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Less Waiting, More Working, Keeps Employees Happy

Imagine if every day you got up, hopped in your car, drove to work – then had to wait in line before you could start working. It happens every day to distribution center workers. That’s because they have to line up to get their scanning and picking equipment from a manager, wasting 15 or so… Read More

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Faster Will-Call Makes Johnstone Supply the First Stop for Contractors

E-commerce is becoming a big profit center for wholesale distributors. But getting it right can be tricky. On one hand, busy contractors love the convenience. They can order the parts and supplies they need while they’re at one job site, then pick them up at the will-call counter on the way to their next stop.… Read More

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Apex Streamlines Off-Premise Dining With its Self-Serve Order Pick-Up Lockers

CINCINNATI – (BUSINESS WIRE)  Third Party Delivery – food that is ordered for delivery – combined sales at the five largest meal delivery companies in the United States rose 36 percent year-over-year in November 2019 as reported by Second Measure, a firm which analyzes U.S. consumer spending. With emerging technologies and food delivery services disrupting the… Read More

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Take Order Pick-Up from Awkward to Awesome

With digital dining predicted to be a $300 billion opportunity by 2025*, foodservice operators are scrambling to meet the demand and make the experience fast, fun – and efficient for their operations. So far, results have been mixed. While digital ordering is usually fast and simple, all bets are off when the customer comes in to… Read More

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Broadband provider optimizes inventory control, reducing usage by 40%

Telecom companies face intense competition, with growing pressure to enhance internet speeds, improve customer service response times and reduce overhead. Recently, industry leaders have turned to self-serve, automated solutions to increase productivity and reduce costs across a variety of consumer, business and infrastructure applications. These include retail solutions such as online order pick-up and repair… Read More

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Ingram Micro Moves at Peak Speed with New Productivity

  Successful third-party logistics (3PL) providers like Ingram Micro make continuous improvement a priority to drive out waste and improve efficiencies in every area of their business. Ingram Micro is a global leader in technology and supply chain solutions, providing 3PL services for technology brands around the world. When its 800,000-square-foot Micro Drive facility was… Read More

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How Simple Changes Can Get Big Results

Blockchain, AI, Industry 4.0. These overused words are often too broadly defined or even misdefined and unhelpful when trying to differentiate between supply chain hype and innovations to take seriously. But there’s proven technology that can easily be integrated with your operations – simple changes capable of making a big impact as you digitalize your… Read More

Case Study

Specialty Bolt & Screw Makes Apex Smart Bins Part of Business Growth Strategy

  Specialty Bolt & Screw focuses on building its customers’ business. In developing its own growth strategy, the distributor realized it could expand by automating inventory replenishment using a smart bin solution from Apex. “We couldn’t simply do more of the same. (We knew) if we didn’t change our mindset and do things differently, we… Read More