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Broadband provider optimizes inventory control, reducing usage by 40%

Telecom companies face intense competition, with growing pressure to enhance internet speeds, improve customer service response times and reduce overhead. Recently, industry leaders have turned to self-serve, automated solutions to increase productivity and reduce costs across a variety of consumer, business and infrastructure applications. These include retail solutions such as online order pick-up and repair… Read More

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Product Innovation Requires Commitment…to Failure

  The topic of failure has been so popular over the past few years, some will argue it’s passé. For example, if a startup hasn’t unlocked its failure achievement badge…is it really a startup? Failure is so accepted that startup founders can even attend FailCon: a global conference to discuss failure. When it comes to product… Read More

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Successful Innovation Programs Require a Culture of Learning

“I’m a Student, Jim…. Not a Doctor!” You cannot innovate if you cannot learn To truly innovate, to develop new things and not just incrementally improve existing products, you have to try things that may not, or should not, work. You have to think like a scientist…or maybe even a MythBuster. Scientists view failure differently.… Read More

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IT News Interviews Apex CEO Kent Savage

VIDEO Interview:  CEO Kent Savage on APAC expansion, IoT and more Kent Savage Talks about Apex Supply Chain Technologies and the company’s customers, cloud platform, Internet of Things initiatives, global expansion and more!

News Release

Apex Supply Chain Technologies Announces Expansion into Asia Pacific – Business

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 4 September 2015   Apex Supply Chain Technologies Announces Expansion into Asia Pacific Apex Expands Global Footprint with the Opening of New Office and Customer Experience Centre in Sydney Apex CEO Kent Savage will speak about trends in Cloud-based Industrial Vending.   SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – (4 September 2015) – Apex Supply Chain… Read More

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How a Different Perspective Can Improve the Way We Work

by Ben Savage I have to disagree with the fortune that came from my fortune cookie last night. Now, if you’re looking for a way to ensure that your office vending machine always gives you your quarter back, I can’t help you. Money is dirty and the coin mechanism is one of the most likely… Read More