Click & Collect Success in 2019 Requires a Shift in Focus

The global interest in click and collect was clear during the annual National Retail Federation  (NRF) show — with just two examples including a discussion Apex held with its customers as well as click and collect service provider Doddle expanding from the U.K. into North America. The following data points further underscore the momentum behind this convenient retail service.

  • 61% of purchases from four major UK retailers fulfilled using Click & Collect
  • Global Data estimates that 70% of those collecting or returning parcels make impulse in-store purchases

Meeting the Consumers’ Clear Expectations
Below are three articles further exploring the biggest takeaway from the industry-wide discussion around click and collect: The question of why a retailer should implement click and collect is shifting to HOW a retailer should implement click and collect.

1. High Street Crisis: Can “click and collect” save shops? — BBC News
Four of the UK’s major retailers fulfilled more than half of store purchases using click and collect in 2018. It’s clear the costs associated with delivery and shipping are a driving force to click and collect’s success. But it’s as much a challenge as an opportunity as retailers want to fulfill orders in a way that’s as frictionless for employees as it is for customers.

The question of why a retailer should implement click and collect is shifting to HOW a retailer should implement click and collect.

2. Can BOPIS Keep Up with Its Own Success?RetailWire 
While research shows 70 per cent of U.S. shoppers have tried click and collect in the last six months, it hasn’t necessarily been a great experience for customers or store employees. Inventory inaccuracies are often cited as a critical issue to click and collect’s long-term success.

Alex Price, global VP at JDA Software, said, “Retailers need real-time visibility into their inventory and need to be flexible enough to move it around” for click and collect to succeed.

3. Retailers rethink physical stores as click-and-collect catches onDigiday
Another sure sign of click and collect’s long-term promise is store design. Using stores to refill online orders “cuts delivery costs, encourages customer interaction with associates and drive in-store sales growth.” As a result, retailers are looking at how the front and back of store might evolve to better serve online fulfillment.

Shifting Focus to Self-Serve Automation
Self-serve, automated lockers give retailers a way to make click and collect faster and more efficient. This reduces the cost of click and collect and improves customer satisfaction. Click here for more on how our click and collect solutions make the process frictionless for employees and customers.