Design Within Reach Finds Control Within Reach

Like many distribution centers, Design Within Reach once struggled to manage handheld scanners.

The devices were stored on a shelf near the entrance, so associates could quickly take one as they arrived. Although this “free-for-all” system was fast, managers didn’t know who was using which device. They also had no way of ensuring scanners were returned after each shift. As a result, they would often be left out on the floor or go missing, a problem that’s familiar to many DCs.

The damaged devices needing repair were also adding up.

“I’d walk into my office and there would be a smashed $3,500 scanner sitting on my desk…”

Learn how Design Within Reach solved its issue by automating the management of its enterprise mobile devices using an AXCESS™ self-serve, automated locker solution. Click here to download Design Within Reach Finds Control Within Reach.