Innovative, automated self-service consumer solutions

Apex AnyWhere™ for retail and restaurant applications will give your customers new self-serve engagement options for their food and beverage, shopping and click-and-collect needs. Our AnyWhere, automated self-serve solutions ensure your brand is available to your customers AnyTime, AnyPlace and AnyWhere they want. All our solutions seamlessly integrate with your e-commerce, social and mobile initiatives. But what truly sets them apart is data. AnyWhere is the only self-serve solution powered by Trajectory Cloud™, a powerful and secure business intelligence platform that integrates with your existing ERP, shopping cart and mobile shopping systems. The result is a clear picture of all the channels in your enterprise so you can stay one step ahead, anticipate demands and meet evolving new expectations. Discover how Apex AnyWhere solutions can help you thrive in today’s demanding real-time world.