Keep Scanners and Mobile Devices Secure and Accounted For

With this year’s surge in e-commerce, the call to “do more with less” is never ending. You’ve got to deliver to the right place, at the right time – and turn on a dime. A missing scanner or broken two-way radio can slow you down and increase your costs, making it harder to compete.  AXCESS™ Automated Locker Solutions for Enterprise Device Management keep critical mobile devices secure and accounted for, 24/7.

A faster start to every shift
With self-serve check-out and check-in, employees don’t have to line up before they can get to work. They simply scan their badge and take their device in seconds.

24/7 accountability reduces damage and loss
Thanks to our Trajectory Cloud™ platform, you’ll always know who’s using every device, where, and for how long. You get an alert if a device isn’t returned on time, which increases employee accountability. Just like that, you reduce replacement costs, employee downtime, and time spent searching for lost or hidden equipment.

Backed by powerful technology
Apex Connect n’ Go™ Technology makes it easy to get started. Just provide power, connect to the Internet and you’re ready to go. There’s no software to install and nothing for your IT department to support.