Takeout The Line With Order Pick-up Technologies

Busy customers want takeaway that’s quick and easy. Now they can skip the register with Apex Order Pick-Up Solutions. They help takeaway customers get in and out in less than a minute, and they fit right into your workflow. That keeps everyone happy.

Streamlined workflows with control and visibility

Our automated Flow-Thru™ lockers are smart and efficient. They’re specially designed to help your staff save steps and minimize customer interactions. And our powerful Trajectory Cloud™ platform easily integrates with your POS and ecommerce systems and provides you with analytics to drive productivity improvements and increase sales.

Apex also offers highly secure inventory and asset management solutions for your back of house, to protect high-cost food and beverage inventory, as well as protect POS devices, radios and headsets, from loss and theft.

Discover the fastest way to grow order sales

All of our Order Pick-up Technologies integrate with your existing POS, kitchen management, e-commerce, mobile app, kiosk ordering and inventory management systems and provide clear, real-time insights that can transform your business. We also offer secure solutions for the back of the house, to protect high-cost food and beverage inventory, radios and headsets from loss and theft. Find out why Apex Order Pick-Up Technologies are the option your busy operation and customers have been looking for.

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