Maximize Profits From Every Square Foot

Waste and inefficiency can hide where you least expect. With Apex, you can take control and find new productivity and savings across your entire operation.
Our automated solutions work with the Trajectory Cloud data and reporting platform to give you point-of-use control of supplies, parts, materials and assets. You’ll get 24/7 visibility, insights and analysis to optimise your operations, inventory and processes.

Reduce supplies and inventory costs up to 30%
Apex Automated Dispensing Solutions can drastically reduce supply and inventory waste, loss and misuse, with real-time visibility of what’s being used, who is using it, and when. That reduces spending by as much as 30%. You’ll also eliminate disruptive and expensive out-of-stocks, thanks to automated reorder alerts sent straight to your distributor or ERP.

Manage, track and control shared assets, tools and equipment
Apex Asset Management Solutions give you the control you need to track critical shared assets to keep them productive and minimise damage, loss and repairs. You’ll always know who checked out each item, when it’s due back, and receive alerts if any are overdue.

Offer secure, 24/7 will-call collection
With Apex Order Collection Solutions, you can keep customers coming back with convenient, self-serve collection and returns, anytime it’s convenient for them.

It’s time to take control
Discover how Apex solutions can help you reduce wasted steps, ensure more accurate and less costly processes, and achieve true productivity across your organization.