Keep EMS Supplies and Equipment In Control and Within Reach

Your teams are under intense pressure. Searching for the equipment they need or worrying about supply stock-outs shouldn’t be on their minds.

Apex Automated Dispensing and Asset Management Solutions streamline workflow, increase inventory accuracy and reduce supply costs by up to 30%. They give you the control and visibility you need to keep supplies and equipment in control, in stock and in sight. And they provide self-serve access to minimize time spent managing supplies and equipment.

Reduce supply costs by up to 30% — and eliminate stock-outs
It’s common for employees to want to stock up on the supplies they need. But with Apex Automated Dispensing Solutions, you eliminate problems with hoarding, waste and misuse. You can track who took every item, so team members take only what they need, and usage goes way down. You also get an up-to-the-minute, accurate view of supply levels in all your devices, and receive alerts for any items that need restocking. That eliminates stock-outs, so you need less back-up inventory and supplies.

Manage shared equipment, mobile devices and instruments
Get secure check-out/check-in of shared items like truck kits, ALS and BLS bags, IV kits and more. You’ll know who checked them out last, and when they’re due back, and receive alerts if any aren’t returned on time. That way, they’ll always be organized and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Get 24/7 control and visibility with Trajectory Cloud™
What really sets Apex order pick-up solutions apart is data. Every Apex device is powered by Trajectory Cloud™, a comprehensive data platform that gives you visibility to valuable information that can help you get a clearer picture of your inventory usage, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and optimize your processes.

Learn why Apex solutions help EMS and healthcare organizations get control of their expenses, while enhancing their focus on patient care.