Eliminate Waste and Find New Savings Throughout Your Supply Chain

Hospitals are under growing pressure to reduce supply chain costs while contributing to value-based medicine. One of the best ways to do that is by re-thinking how those supplies are managed.

Automated Dispensing and Asset Management Solutions from Apex give you a higher level of control, accountability and understanding of supplies and shared assets usage. At the same time, they simplify their management, automating manual tasks that used to rob your staff and medical teams of valuable hours each week.

Reduce healthcare supply costs by up to 30%
Apex Automated Dispensing Solutions give you the control and accountability you need to eliminate stock-outs, protect valuable equipment and reduce inventory costs by 30% or more. They provide 24/7 visibility of supply levels, and track who’s taking what, where and when. That helps eliminate problems like waste, misuse and loss.

And for low-cost consumables that simply need to be available non-stop, Apex Automated Replenishment Solutions ensure on-time replenishment and quick, easy access.

Eliminate the risk of stock-outs
These smart devices instantly detect when any item is due for restock, and send automated alerts to your distributor or supply manager. That means you can safely reduce excess inventory, free up cash flow and keep your supply chain stays lean. You can also set alerts for supply expiration dates, to prevent their use and reduce waste.

Track shared equipment, mobile devices and instruments
Apex Asset Management Solutions keep critical shared equipment secure and in sight. Items like laptops, tablets, surgical kits and instruments are easily accessible to approved users with self-serve check-out and check-in. Yet you have 24/7 cloud-based visibility of who checked out each item, and when it’s due back – and get alerts if any item is overdue.

Optimize supplies management with Trajectory Cloud™
All Apex solutions are powered by Trajectory Cloud™, our data reporting and analytics platform that gives you 24/7 visibility and control. It lets you set supply replenishment levels, control access, and reveal valuable information and insights to help you reduce waste, and detect unusual activity.

Discover how automated control and 24/7 visibility of your supplies and asset can give your health care organization new levels of savings and efficiency, to help promote more optimal patient care.