Be There When Customers Need You With Contactless Order Pick-Up & Returns

Your customers are moving in a dozen different directions at once. And brands are now more than ever creating new pathways to meet them at every step. Our self-serve BOPIS lockers give customers a quick, no lines order pick-up and returns experience that keeps them coming back — while you get a powerful competitive advantage that sets your brand apart.

All Click & Collect solutions integrate easily and seamlessly with your e-commerce and mobile platforms. That allows you to quickly get a jump on competition and stay relevant in today’s real-time retail environment.

But what truly sets these smart locker solutions apart is data. Apex Click & Collect Solutions are the only self-serve parcel locker system powered by Apex Cloud™, a robust and secure transaction platform that provides valuable insights, visibility and understanding that can help you create the personalized, spot-on experiences your customers crave.

Discover how Apex Click & Collect solutions can help you thrive in today’s ever changing retail landscape.