Keep Your Teams Moving With Speed, Control and Efficiency

In the fast-paced transportation industry, you can’t afford to have mechanics and technicians standing by, waiting for parts. Or waste valuable manager time tracking down lost tools and equipment. You’ve got to keep your operation Lean and efficient to reduce costs, turn jobs faster – and outpace your competition.

Put the brakes on downtime
Apex Industrial Vending Solutions give you the control you need to prevent stock-outs, manage shared tools and protect essential handheld devices. They give you 24/7 security and real-time visibility
through the Trajectory Cloud™ data platform, so you’ll have greater accountability for who’s using what, when and for what job. And they eliminate stock-outs and expensive rush charges that eat away at profits.

Manage, track and control assets
Apex Asset Management Solutions keep essential tools, shared equipment, and high-cost mobile devices secure and ready to work. You’ll always know who checked them out last, and receive alerts if they’re not returned on schedule. That places more accountability on the team, and reduces the cost of repairs, replacements and back-up devices.

Reduce supply costs by 30% or more
With real-time visibility of supply usage and levels, you’ll virtually eliminate waste, misuse, hoarding and other common control problems. Apex Industrial Vending Solutions automatically detect when supplies reach replenishment levels and send resupply alerts when it’s time to reorder, so stock-outs are a thing of the past, too.

Ultimate point-of-work productivity
Think of all the hours your techs lose each week by walking to the parts counter or tool crib, waiting for someone to bring them what they need, then walking back to their service bay. With Apex Solutions, you can place tools, parts and supplies close to where they’re actually used. It’s a Lean, efficient solution – and it’s just good business sense.

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