Get Control and Visibility of Parts, Supplies and Equipment

You thought you had the part in stock. But a mechanic took it for another job, and now you’re paying for another rush order. Sound familiar?

Eliminate downtime and rush deliveries with Apex Automated Dispensing Solutions. They give you 24/7 control and real-time visibility through the Trajectory Cloud™ data platform, so you’ll always know who’s using what, when and for what job. And they eliminate stock-outs and expensive rush charges that eat away at profits.

Reduce supply costs by up to 30%
Misuse, hoarding and loss can eat away at profits and put you at risk of stock-outs. But keeping excess inventory leaves you with shelves full of outdated or obsolete supplies.

Apex Automated Dispensing Solutions control supplies and track usage by individual, department, job, and more, so employees take only what they need, when they need it. They also virtually eliminate the need for safety stock, because our smart devices instantly detect when supplies need restocking, and send reorder alerts straight to your distributor or parts manager. That means no more stock-outs or expensive rush orders. And inventory costs drop by an average of 30%.

Manage shared tools, instruments and electronics
Make sure all those tools, tablets and diagnostic laptops are organized and ready to work – and that they’re always returned on time. Apex Asset Management Solutions provide self-serve check-out and check-in, with 24/7 tracking of who took every item, and when it’s due back. You’ll even receive alerts if items aren’t returned on time.

Real-time data visibility, reporting and analytics
What really sets Apex solutions apart is data. Every Apex device is powered by Trajectory Cloud™, a comprehensive data platform that gives you access to valuable information that can help you understand your customers, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and optimize your inventory and operations.

Ultimate efficiency and productivity
Since Apex solutions let you store supplies at the point of use, your people don’t lose time walking back and forth to the parts counter and standing in line. Their most-needed supplies are just steps away. And with automated reorder alerts, you’ll streamline inventory and purchasing for a lean, highly efficient operation.