Control Maintenance Costs and Make Better Use of Your Teams

Today’s leading fleet maintenance operations follow a simple rule of thumb: Do more with less.

Apex Automated Vending Solutions make it happen by controlling supplies, parts, tools and more to reduce costs, increase productivity, and give They give you 24/7 security and real-time visibility through the Trajectory Cloud™ data platform, so you’ll always know who’s using what, when and for what project.

Keep assets secure and ready to work
Get control of essential equipment, tools, parts and calibrated instruments with Apex Asset Management Solutions. They keep critical shared assets where they’re needed – and ready to work. With 24/7 visibility of who checked-out every item and when it’s due back, you get greater accountability. You’ll even receive a notification if any item is overdue. As a result, shared tools are returned on time, every time.

Reduce supply costs by up to 30%
Wondering why it’s so hard to keep parts in stock? Apex Automated Dispensing Solutions eliminate problems with loss, hoarding and misuse. Since you can track who took every item, mechanics take only what they need, and usage goes way down.

You’ll also put an end to high-cost stock-outs that can bring productivity to a standstill. These smart devices instantly detect when any supply is due for restock, and send automated alerts to your distributor or parts manager. That means you can also reduce safety stock, so inventory stays lean.

Real-time data visibility, reporting and analytics
What really sets Apex Automated Dispensing Solutions apart is data. Every Apex device is powered by Trajectory Cloud™, a comprehensive data platform that gives you visibility and insights to help you understand your inventory needs, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and optimize your workflow and operations.