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We’ll help you reimagine retail

As retail shifts in response to new forces and trends, the focus is always on speed and efficiency – both for BOPIS service and behind-the-scenes workflows. By streamlining mundane tasks, our automated solutions free your associates to focus on greater productivity and enhancing the customer experience.

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Fast, contactless customer experiences

Optimizes workforce and operations

More efficient back-of-house operations

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Preparing for retail’s new normal

Coronavirus has created many new challenges for retail. But one thing is certain: To adapt to the new normal, retailers need to find efficient ways of serving customers while minimizing human-to-human contact.

According to a recent survey, nearly half of global retailers say buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) orders drive up to 40% of their revenue. Discover how intelligent, contactless BOPIS solutions can help retailers adapt to what’s next. 

Fast contactless mobile device management

Give employees peace of mind and faster, self-serve shift starts. Watch how our Mobile Device Management Solutions track every device to help you reduce costs and get more done.

Your Data In Focus
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Better retail experiences start with real-time data

Apex Cloud™ gives you visibility into your customers’ BOPIS experience, as well as insights to help optimize your back-of house and DC. With 99.5% uptime, you always have the real-time data you need for better accountability and improved performance across. You get clear insights into mobile device inventory, compartment utilization, dwell times and more, so you can optimize workflows and provide a better BOPIS experience.

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Your optimization roadmap

With a Lenz™ subscription, your Apex Cloud data is transformed into weeks, months or years of simple, clear dashboards that can point you to improved KPIs and alert you to key trends. Lenz can give you valuable insights that will help you reduce costs in your DC or warehouse while giving customers the convenient BOPIS experience they want.