Self-Serve Automated Dispensing Solutions Helping Animal Health Industry

Apex Animal Health Solutions

From small companion animals to large livestock, veterinarians rely on technology to make sure they’re prepared for any situation.

Here are a few examples of how animal health professionals rely on self-serve, automated dispensing technology to make sure their business stays as healthy as their patients.

Fragile, Handle with Care: Feedlot Magazine
Research shows pharmaceutical efficacy, especially for livestock vaccines, is put at risk by improper handling and storage by livestock producers. In fact, as many as 76% of refrigerators used to store vaccine in the livestock industry does not maintain the required temperatures. Automated dispensing technology, however, can address this issue.

Animal Health International Exhibits Inventory Control Systems: Bovine Veterinarian
Keeping medicine and other high-value items on hand can be challenging for veterinarians. Apex lockers offer a simple, secure way to manage these items for visibility into inventory levels to make sure everything they need is available when needed.

This minimizes loss, shrinkage and downtime when an item is depleted and must be reordered.