Trajectory Cloud

Apex Trajectory cloud enterprise supply chain softwareWith a subscription to Apex Trajectory™ Cloud Enterprise Software Service, you can track, manage, control, monitor and analyze your real-time supply, materials and equipment. So you know where parts are, when they’re checked out, who has them and when they’re over due. You can even make stock-outs a thing of the past.

The Trajectory Cloud automates the flow of replenishment information to your storeroom or external suppliers. So you can schedule reports or view on-demand, real-time information sorted and subtotaled the way you want to see it. A powerful system of notifications and alerts lets you (or anyone else you designate) know when stock gets low, usage patterns change, items are not returned on time or any other critical events you define occur. Apex Trajectory Cloud makes Smarter Spaces TM.  Smart Spaces1

Connect n’ Go™

All Apex devices are easy-to-use Internet appliances (MS Windows-free), powered by Apex Connect n’ Go Technology. There are no servers to install and nothing for your IT department to support. Simply plug the device into a power supply, connect to the Internet (Ethernet or wireless) and you’re ready to go.

Trajectory Cloud makes it easy to manage your supply chain and administer from your desktop, laptop or any mobile device or browser anywhere, anytime, 24/7. It’s that easy!


Trajectory Analytics

Apex Trajectory cloud geo enterprise supply chain softwareTrajectory Analytics* is a robust big data platform allowing you to visualize and analyze data from Trajectory Cloud and other sources. That helps you identify opportunities to optimize the flow of materials into your operation and optimize the performance of your end-to-end supply chain.

Driven by powerful Apex proprietary search algorithms, the Trajectory Analytics platform provides deep insights into patterns and trends that might not be apparent using conventional tools. For example, you might want to see:

  • Geovisualization – view your deployed devices across your organization’s broad geographic footprint, highlighting usage trends, restocking requirements, patterns and other rich data elements.
  • System Optimization – quickly identify opportunities to improve system performance by rebalancing product mix, inventory levels or service frequency.
  • Service Levels – identify which deployed devices are supported as expected or under serviced.

*Trajectory Analytics is an optional subscription service.

Trajectory Mobile

Apex Trajectory cloud mobile tablet supply chain softwareImagine if you could see across your organization, right down to the position of every device, anywhere in the world – in real time. Now, imagine how this valuable information could change and shape the way you operate today.

With Trajectory Mobile, it’s more than just possible – it’s easy!

See inventory levels and restocking requirements and make product changes on the fly to fully optimize your devices right from your smartphone or tablet. Perform cycle counts, view reports, manage alerts and more using Trajectory Mobile’s intuitive user interface or voice commands.

Trajectory ExchangeSM

Trajectory Exchange allows you to import and export data on demand and connect with your existing systems (ERP, POS, CMMS, MES, etc.) in many ways. Trajectory Exchange offers the following standard capabilities:

  1. Import/Export user information within the Profile Manager of Trajectory Cloud
  2. Import/Export product information within the Product Manager of Trajectory Cloud
  3. Export transaction data, usage data and device log data within the Report Manager of Trajectory Cloud

With just a few clicks of a mouse, you can set up a job online to export the data you want at any frequency and schedule you define. No big projects or special programming are required for standard Trajectory data exchange. The reports can be exported as an Excel file, XML or CSV (Comma Separated Value).

Trajectory Web ServicesSM*

Trajectory Web Services expands the data Trajectory Exchange collects between your existing systems and the Trajectory Cloud. Trajectory Web Services provides import services and transaction data export services using standard Web Services specifications.

Trajectory Web Services enables the seamless flow of data from Trajectory Cloud to and from your back-end operating systems like ERP, POS and other in-house applications. Easy-to-use instructions and worksheets are available for setting up data orchestrations.

If your organization requires a highly customized, deep integration with Trajectory Cloud, we can create a tailored solution to automate the flow of data between your data center and Trajectory Cloud. There are many options available to deploy your integration.

*Trajectory Web Services is an optional subscription service.