Cash Flow

Eliminating stock-outs and excess inventory, reducing reordering costs – it’s not just wishful thinking. With Apex, it’s business as usual.


Annually, 25-50% of mission-critical materials are wasted. Our smart solutions combat this costly problem – driving unprecedented productivity and efficiency.


Walking and waiting drain productivity. We put critical supplies, materials and equipment at the Point-of-Work. Employees get more done. You save money.


It’s all about Making Spaces SmartTM. With Apex point-of-work solutions in place, you’ll eliminate wasted time, motion, material, labor and cost.

Cashless Vending

Cloud-connected, cash-free systems mean all-in-one accountability and productivity. So employees can keep their minds on the job and cash in their wallets.

Last Mile

Superior customer service with pre-staged kits, parts and instant will-call/order pick up product retrieval. Everything your customers need – at their fingertips.